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There’s a great new source for information about Environmental Education in North Carolina!  The EE Fund on Facebook and Twitter!

Are you an educator looking for resources to teach about the environment?
The EE Fund Facebook page is already packed with posts about great environmental education resources and opportunities for teachers, including the EE Funds exciting curriculums, It’s Our Water and It’s Our Air. The EEF Facebook page also a great place to connect with other educators and share even more. Like getting your updates via Twitter? The EEFund has you covered there too! You can Sign Up for email updates as well.

Are you a supporter of the EE Fund and the exciting work we are doing with North Carolina students?
Then find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. We will be posting updates on our programs, and resources related to environmental education, general environmental news and events, and more! Actually, we love for you to tell us what you’d like to know about and we’ll add that too! It’s also a great place to connect with supporters and see what their thoughts and contributions are. You can Sign Up for email updates as well.

Don’t forget to share these pages and resources with your friends and colleagues!
We want to provide a community of helpful and fun information and a large part of that is your involvement. Plus, we love feedback! If you have any great ideas for what you’d like to see on our social media pages, please let us know even Facebook or Twitter or shoot an email to iowcoordinator@itsourwater.info with your thoughts.