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NC Project WET wants to welcome you to a community of educators who are looking for the best materials about water quality to use with their students. We salute the work that you do every day as teachers in schools, environmental educators in parks and camps, or informal educators in any setting.  We also want to help you do the best job you can by providing you with the highest quality materials and ways to share with and learn from your fellow educators.  That’s what It’s Our Water is all about.  Take a look at what we have to offer, and we hope you’ll join the IOW community.  SIGN UP (http://itsourwater.info/webform/teacher-signup) Read more »

A Complete Curriculum

It’s Our Water is a complete curriculum divided into five modules. Each module begins with a short video that presents a water quality topic, reviews scientific principles, shows real-life examples of current water issues, and introduces students to various professions related to water. Classroom demonstrations, discussions, homework, quizzes, and hands-on activities reinforce major concepts and prepare students for field investigation. Students develop an understanding of how these water resources issues affect them directly by investigating the stream nearest their school. The skills and knowledge required in each module build on earlier modules. Student will work towards completing a final project that examines the status of the water quality in their stream and offers recommendations for managing the stream.  SIGN UP

Professional Development

Providing professional development is a key component of the overall plan for It’s Our Water.  Some IOW materials are available online, but to receive all curriculum materials, teachers need to complete either a live workshop or the online workshop.  These in-depth professional development workshops provide educators with the know how to successfully implement It’s Our Water in the classroom.  The self-paced, online workshop is available anytime for educators to take when it’s convenient for them.  
After successful completion, you will receive a certificate and all the IOW curriculum materials including Activity Guide CD, Video DVD, Project WET Guide, and Field Monitoring Guide.  Check the NC Environmental Education Calendar of Events for the scheduled live workshops in your area or contact the IOW Coordinator to schedule a workshop in your region.  SIGN UP Read more »

A Teaching Network

Another goal of It's Our Water is to provide a friendly, easy to use place where educators can stay updated on water education efforts across North Carolina. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @ProjectWETNC. Read more »

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